Making money together – Getnode Masternode Club: My first Getnode review

Making money together – Getnode Masternode Club: My first Getnode review

Making money together – Getnode Masternode Club –  Passive income after 14 months.

At the beginning of 2019, the Bitcoin price was around 3000 euros and nobody knew exactly how it should go on from there. However, I had been studying Bitcoin’s development for a long time, but I didn’t know how to start. I had no experience with Bitcoin, nor had I ever traded or owned cryptocurrencies. It was by pure chance that I came across the masternode pool during my internet research. The concept fascinated me and I wanted to earn a passive income. At first I was of course skeptical because the internet is full of dubious “get rich quick” concepts. However, since Getnode made a serious impression on me, I decided to dig deeper into the research. I watched youtube videos, read countless articles like this one and already registered. The good thing is that you don’t have to transfer any money in order to sign up, you register completely free of charge and then get access to your dashboard. So I was able to familiarize myself with the site before I dared to take the next step. In between, I continued to research. After I was satisfied and had not discovered any negative testimonials, I went to my dashboard. There I could choose whether I wanted to deposit in euros or in Bitcoin, I decided on euros. The necessary information about the bank transfer then appeared in the dashboard, and I also received an email with the data. Now came the hardest step for me, but I took heart and transferred the necessary amount to my dashboard.

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Getnode review – Start of investment

After a short, but emotionally eternal time (approx. 10 days ?) the amount appeared in my Getnode back office. The first payout came punctually after another ten days and since then Getnode has paid out every 14 days, sometimes more, sometimes less. (On average just over 5% per month for the last 14 months) At times, I reinvested my payments directly, which is possible in the dashboard, sometimes I have them paid out in euros. The option of reinvesting has been available since mid-2019, and I benefited from the compound interest effect and from the increase in Bitcoin value at the same time. How much you reinvest from your amounts is up to you. It just depends on the personal strategy. The percentage of the amount can be freely selected and can be changed flexibly before each 14-day payout, so you don’t have to commit yourself.

Getnode review – ROI achieved

At the beginning of 2020, the time had come when I received more payments than I had originally paid in. I am happy to send you pictures as proof too, just send me a message, for example to my Telegram account. In short, I had achieved my ROI – Return on Invest. A bit of luck was also involved, the timing of my investment was ideal. But even at a worse point in time, I would have achieved the ROI after about two years and that without having my original investment paid out to me again. The initial investment can be paid out at Getnode after 180 days, but the amount received may differ from the initial investment, as the Masternode market is subject to fluctuations. However, I would have to be stupid to withdraw my investment in the near future, the whole thing is going far too well for that. I’m getting a fassive income every fortnight. I recently made my second and shortly after also my third investments. For a long time I had wondered what the best time to invest is. At a low Bitcoin price? When the masternode courses are high? In the end, I have come to the conclusion that the best time is always now. Nobody can look into the future and there is no point in getting annoyed later and thinking “what if”. It can also be compared to buying stocks. If you are convinced of a company, the time of entry does not matter. Sometimes the profits are higher, sometimes lower, but you will usually not suffer losses with a long-term investment if the concept is correct.

Getnode review – Change to Bitcoin

As already mentioned, the payments for the first year were made entirely in euros. But after the ROI was achieved, I dared a step further: I installed an Electrum Bitcoin Wallet and now have the income paid out in Bitcoin – free of charge, mind you. Getnode covers all transfer fees. This also works absolutely smoothly. Every fortnight my Bitcoin stash grows and that without ever having “entered” a Bitcoin Exchange. The perfect start for a crypto newbie like me.


Making money together – Getnode Masternode Club: What does Getnode do with my money?

Getnode exchanges the deposited money for Masternode Coins and puts them profitably in Masternodes. Masternode coins are cryptocurrencies that run on the proof of stake principle. The most prominent Masternode Coin is the “Dash” Coin, which is why it probably has a large share in GNodes’s portfolio. There are many others, however. The company divides the investments into different risk classes, which you can read on their homepage. Masternodes fulfill important functions for the coin network, which is why their operators receive a fixed reward for the maintenance and operation of their masternodes. Your own masternode is theoretically also possible, albeit very expensive; the costs for this are often over 10,000 euros per masternode. It is also very risky; many cryptocurrencies are very volatile. This is where the many advantages of the Getnode masternode pool spring to mind. In the pool, many donors invest in a variety of cryptocurrencies, so Getnode can operate many masternodes at the same time. This reduces the risk for the individual as much as possible. Even in the event of a coin crash, the individual notices little of this in his earnings, the risk is widely spread. In addition, the operators of Getnode are experts and work professionally as a team all day long on the operation of their masternodes. In the course of time (GNode has been around for a few years now) the operators have developed a know-how which, in my opinion, is unrivaled in the industry. Many have tried to copy the company, but no one has succeeded. Operating my own masternode would be far too risky for me as a private person, but with Getnode I feel very well cared for thanks to the expertise and security of the pool, I can simply lean back and enjoy my passive income.

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Getnode review – What’s in it for Getnode?

Of course, Getnode doesn’t do this for free. The good thing, however, is that there are no additional fees for this investment. Getnode receives 25% of the pure profits for its services, there are no additional costs. Means: If you have a profit of 100 euros after 14 days, Getnode will receive 25 euros, the remaining 75 euros will be paid out to you. Sounds fair right? I would say “yes”. It also has the advantage that Getnode has an interest in making profits on a regular basis, otherwise they would not earn anything with it. I have had contact with some of their teams and they sure didn’t seem as if they wanted to stop any time soon :). This is also highlighted on Getnode’s website:

“Our primary goal is the maximum return for our members! We only earn when our members also earn. GetNode is not a “get rich quick system”. We build on sustainable and thus long-term masternode coins and optimize our structure on a daily basis. “(Quote:

 If the system works, Getnode makes a profit. If not, theydon’t. This dependence on success is also carried over to the support, which is excellent. If there are problems, which I have never had before, Getnode’s support will get back to you on the next working day at the latest. All of my questions so far were based more on uncertainty and initial fear, but even then were answered as quickly as possible. My question about my pool value after 180 days (which, by the way, had doubled thanks to my reinvestments) was fully processed within 14 days. It is also possible to exchange ideas with other members of the club and the company founders via a “Telegram” group (text me for more information) and to receive and give feedback. You never feel left alone with your problems, you are in good hands and are supported by the members.

Making money together – Getnode Masternode Club – summary:

In my opinion, Getnode is a serious, transparent company that works actively and long-term in the masternode market and generates profits there. The regular payouts vary depending on the status of the Masternode Coins, but they always arrive on the account on time. If you are willing to invest your money over two or more years and have no utopian expectations, this is the right place for you. The whole thing is not a “get rich quick” system, but in the end the money is not gone either. You secure steady returns, which can be built up over time into a nice passive income. Getnode is also a great introduction to the world of crypto currencies: You simply pay in euros and the income can be paid out either in euros or bitcoin. No additional costs! The support from Getnode is really great and is supported by a network of very hard-working club members.

Did my article “Making money together – Getnode Masternode Club ” spark your curiosity? Then just try it out yourself. Free registration via this link:

In the event of further questions, feel free to message me, either per mail or Telegram. I’m also always thankful for constructive criticism and comments.

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